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World Wide Cyber attacks reported tonight -- be careful on your own system

There are extensive media reports tonight about a major worldwide cyber attack.  The culprits have not yet been found, nor the source identified to the best of my present knowledge.

I've been relatively offline the past two weeks, my main computer having once again suffered a major crash a week ago this past Monday.  It was nearly 3 am, I had nearly finished an important Motion and Brief in Support for a client.  I had reached the point where I knew it was time to go grab whatever sleep I could get if I was ever able ever to be functional again.  There was not, in my then estimation, time to do more than to put the computer to sleep and resume in the morning.  BIG MISTAKE.  I wish I had at least emailed the material to myself -- that would have preserved it.   The computer was also in the midst of an indexing operation.   It may have also been time for one of those MicroSoft 10 early in the morning updates.  I tried to resume from the computer sleep but could not.  The computer hung for a half hour and then I received THE DREADED BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH -- a systems error.

My trusty computer technician was unavailable -- most of my friends like to consider me their personal computer "geek" anyway.  I tried every option I could think of and was starting to think I wish I had trusted the cloud more -- I am still leery of dependence on the "clouds" -- MicroSoft's, Google's, Amazon's and everybody else's.

I relied on multiple hard drive backups -- and those I have, but I still lost some material including pet vaccination records, etc.

Most of my client data files had multiple backups elsewhere and were safe -- the brief I had worked on so hard that night was not.  Mea culpa!  My old research files and digitized information  were multiply backed up and are safe.

The worst frustration is having to reinstall software and go through the Adobe Acrobat Professional processes again.
At any rate, that is why you didn't see too much of me on-line -- I'm still recovering from the disaster.  My computer was running Windows 10 but as it is now a fine computer from a mechanical perspective, it had to be reformatted to its original Windows 8.  Windows 8 had to go through approximately 180 upgrades to go to the necessary Windows 8.1 to receive Windows 10.

I suspect it was the Windows auto upgrade process that caused the system corruption -- that combined with my putting it to sleep.  I wish I had first halted all operations and then shut it down for the night.  I just do not know.

Fortunately, I found a computer with close (slightly less ram) to the same specifications that came with Windows 10 as its starting point.  I've installed it as my backup system and the downed computer is now rerunning with Windows 10 -- which add injury to the insult, now required a $119 plus purchase of the operating system.  The MicroSoft people were gracious enough and kept promising to help me with that problem, but somehow their calls they placed to me mysteriously went to busy signals.  Finally, if I seriously wanted to be up and running enough, I purchased a copy of the operating system from the local Best Buy.

Well, the computers are great when they work.  I am still going through the painful processes.  I've had a habit of maintaining what I call a "desktop backtop" of scanned information.  I will be busy for quite some time retrieving and OCR'ing those files.

Pray for me and my computer system.  So much was happening that was so very relevant in the past two weeks -- I was able to talk a great deal about it on my Saturday morning radio program on network.  I will be doing so upon arising later this morning.

I had enough backed up that it wasn't a total disaster, but not so much as should have been saved to prevent personal and family inconvenience.  Benefit from my mistakes and thanks for sticking with me.  A few of you have phoned -- I was happy to hear from you!

Stay tuned!


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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Did I Invent the New Age Movement? If so, I could surely make it go away! Ugly opposition from unexpected quarters to my long term labors

Did I Invent the New Age Movement?   If so, I could surely make it go away!  Ugly opposition from unexpected quarters to my long term labors

I once had a little respect for what I sometimes had opportunities to read from End Times Prophecy Report.  No more!  It is evidently edited/authored by one Jeremiah J. Jameson. Also listed as co-writers are an Elaine and Mondo Frazier.  I've, to the best of my knowledge never met them nor otherwise heard from them.  Those of you attempting to reach me know that I answer my phones and am, if able, willing to talk.  I've spent most of my resources doing this work over the past 36 years (since discovering the subject in early 1981) and have refrained from begging or passing the hat for my work.  I've refused to commercialize my work nor turn it into a cheap "ministry."  I've shared my documentation freely with those who asked.

I've occasionally looked at End Times Prophecy Report.  Today, I found something there that greatly saddened me.   I reproduce it below as written.  If they want to claim a copyright on their libelous piece, tough break.  I claim fair use of the material.

Here it is:

Constance Cumbey has made a name for herself as an investigative writer whose claim to fame is exposing the secrets of the New Age.  However, those who carefully read Cumbey immediately realize she offers something besides revelations of the New Agers–a great deal more.
Cumbey is a spinner of narratives for the same forces she purports to expose, either wittingly or not.
In her book, The Staging of the New Age Messiah, Ms. Cumbey went to a great deal of trouble to set up her narrative of a New Age conspiracy which is feverishly working to bring about a “messiah” the Bible calls the “man of sin.” She includes her reasons why this conspiracy should want to help fulfill the Bible’s prophecy–and make no mistake: there is a conspiracy.  The Bible speaks of it; and, this cabal does ceaselessly labor to bring about the fulfillment of end times prophecy.
However, any reader hoping to get to the bottom of end times questions by consulting Cumbey will find the truth elusive at best.  Cumbey weaves her narrative tapestry using strands of psychology, conspiracy, self-fulfilling prophecy and more importantly, the words of the New Age gurus themselves.
Which brings up a question.
How does one go about convincing the reader that the New Age is the epitome of deception (it is) while at the same time offering the reader what the New Age has publicly declared?
That’s the schtick of Constance Cumbey: trust me because I have the truth on the New Age from the lying mouths of the deceptive New Agers themselves.  It’s a recipe for more deception and that’s what the reader is in for. Nevertheless, she still leaves out a great deal and what she doesn’t leave out, she conceals behind her narrative wall.
Exactly who desires the appearance of the man of sin, for what purposes and what the Bible says about it all, is covered in her noxious smog of yarns, cunningly devised fables and cleverly-constructed counterfeits. Those who take what she has written at face value will come away convinced that the New Age is a dangerous crew. And while that may be true on the surface, the New Age is NOT the mystery of iniquity but only a small cog in its great machinery of  deception.
Again, the New Age is dangerous.
For a counterfeit.
For the mystery of iniquity doth already work:”2 Thessalonians 2:7One only has to remember that if the New Age did not exist, it would have to be invented by the mystery of iniquity. One also should keep in mind that once invented, the dangers of the New Age would have to be promoted.
Enter one Constance Cumbey, who has performed yeoman’s work in that regard.
Cumbey does give the reader some useful information–if the reader is able to extract such information from the narratives the author has used to frame it.  One example is the following quote by New Ager, Peter LeMesurier.
“The new mission to the youth of the world, then, will be an international movement dedicated to spreading the already developing ideas and values upon which the New Age is to be founded.”This info is useful because the “new mission to the youth of the world” is a priority goal of the Dominionist strands of pseudo-Christianity which the mystery of iniquity depends upon to help introduce its “messiah.” Readers can see this developing in front of their eyes.  It is not the New Age which is accomplishing this but the cults of Dominionism (including the New Apostolic Reformation and the International House of Prayer).  By a great coincidence, the programs and ideas of these pseudo-Christian cults and those of the New Age are nearly identical.
Again, if the New Age did not exist, the mystery of iniquity would have had to invent it.
Cumbey devotes thousands of words to what the New Age has to say but precious few on what the Bible says on the same subject.  For instance, she studiously avoids answering  the logical questions: WHO is it that is interested in a coming Messiah?  WHO does the Bible say is interested? WHO is it that desires a man (of sin) who will usher in a worldly kingdom?  The reader will find none of these or other pertinent end times questions answered by the cunningly devised fables of Constance Cumbey.
One may read Cumbey for entertainment value without much harm.  However, the reader of her work will be further from the truth after reading her spin on most of the topics she covers.
Our advice is the advice of Jesus, paraphrased.
“Take heed that Constance Cumbey does not deceive you.”
So, I invented the New Age Movement?  I wish I had -- if so, I could surely make it go away!  I do not know if Mr. Jameson reached this conclusion on his own, if he listened to "Queeny Cameron" tapes.  I will trust God to defend my work.  I also trust those reading it fairly to do so.

I knew I would take persecution for the work I've done and over the years, I've taken  much.  Some is more painful than others.  This one hurts!  If he did it for honest motive, I forgive him.  Otherwise, may the Lord rebuke him.

Stay tuned, but hopefully not to Mr. Jameson's station!


Friday, March 03, 2017

Will President Trump save Europe by it uniting against him?

UPDATE:  Joe & Kelly McNeill who own and run the MicroEffect,com network have suffered a terrible tragedy.  Their son was killed during the night in a Florida biking accident.  Both your prayers and dollars would help the family during this terrible crisis.  If anybody is knowledgeable about setting up on of those Facebook "go fund me" pages, maybe that might help.  They have operated the network as a family business on a very efficiently run "shoestring".  The son killed was one of those actively working with the business.  The network is temporarily off the air while Joe and Kelly are sorting things out.  Their website is active and it is

I wish Herb Peters were still here to discuss this one with me.  I'm sure he might see possible prophetic significance in it.  There is an organization in Europe that is the equivalent of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations).  It is called what else but "European Council on Foreign Relations."  Names very familiar to the research I have done on the European Union for the past 22 years since 1995 and very familiar to Herb Peters on the research he did between 1999 and 2007 when he died are on its leadership lists.   Here are both the link and a picture of a recent post of ECFR:

Will Trump unite Europe against USA and onward and upward to "global governance"?
 The propaganda war (a/k/a "The Resistance") against the Trump Presidency has been non-stop and relentless from the time of his election through the present time and continuing.  The present scenario very much reminds me of an old novel about an attempted coupe against the United States Presidency named "Seven Days in May."  There is also a movie by that name.

Looking at what is occurring also brings to mind Bible passages that Herb Peters and I once discussed.  There is a prophecy about the 10 toes of Daniel -- some strong, some weak.  They would "not cleave together."  But eventually, something was going to happen that the 10 kings would be brought together to fulfill a prophetic purpose -- "to hand their power over to the Beast and thus fulfill the words of this prophecy."  Whoever it would be would be someone, per that prophecy, "to whom they would not give the honor of the Kingdom."  He would come in peaceably, with the aid of a few, and obtain the Kingdom by flatteries.  He would pull up three of the kingdoms that gave him power by their roots.

Strange words indeed?  They don't look quite as strange in the light of recent events.  The current oft repeated strategy of the global governance crowd is "integration" and surrender of sovereignty. That includes somebody Herb Peters and I long and carefully watched -- the author of the Western European bill introduced in the Year 2000 by Javier Solana -- "Recommendation 666,"  Indeed Javier Solana's original European Union job was created as Section 666 of the European Union coded documents.  That job with the startling number was created for the Europa Code in December 1998 by the Vienna Council in session at that time.

Javier Solana "retired" from his 11 year held European Union post in 2010 after repeated attempts to gain European ratification of the new European Union constitution were repeatedly defeated.  Only after Javier Solana announced he would be "retiring" did the necessary ratification occur in Ireland.  Javier Solana "stepped down" and a lesser qualified candidate took the job with the very high salary that had obviously been created for Solana.  She was Catherine Ashton, a woman lacking prior diplomatic and elected political experience.  She held the job for the five year term.  When her term was up, a probably more qualified person was appointed -- another woman -- Federica Mogherini, who had served as Foreign Minister of Italy.  I will confess to personally liking what little I know about Ms. Mogherini, if for no other reason, her obvious hard work and her dedication to freeing Miriam Ibrahim of Somalia, a Christian sentenced to death by the Somalian regime for apostasy from Islam by marrying a Christian.  Ms. Mogherini and her then boss, Prime Minister Rinzo of Italy worked tirelessly and successfully for her release from the shackles and death sentence.  Federica Mogherini was pictured in the media carrying Miriam Ibrahim's small son off the plane the Italian government had dispatched to transport her to freedom.

Far from "retiring," Javier Solana has continued to work and campaign hard for global governance and for European ascendancy.  He serves on the board of ECFR, heads the Esade Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics, and advises on European affairs in many matters.  In my observation of Solana in the past, he so very often, using the vernacular, "sucked up" to USA politicians, particularly Presidential ones.  However, he has not done so with President Trump whom he continues to describe as a "despicable person." 

Looking at current events, I have seen some other things I would have loved to discuss with Herb Peters.  Javier Solana's former "hatchet woman," Cristine Gallach is now the Under Secretary of the United Nations for Communications and Public Information.

There are numerous reports on the internet that she has been operating in that job with a decidedly heavy-handed, even ruthless manner.  In my opinion, that job is hers because of Javier Solana's heavy influence in global governance and United Nations circles.

There are times that I think I may have paid too much attention to Dr. Solana, but once again, I'm not so sure.

Stay tuned!


Friday, February 17, 2017

Cliff Kincaid on "The Catholic Conspiracy"

I viewed an intriguing recent interview Cliff Kincaid did with a Catholic attorney, Elizabeth Yore.  Her law practice specializes in child advocacy.  Her interview topic with Cliff Kincaid, however, was about her concerns about an "Agenda 21" type takeover of the Vatican and her belief that George Soros himself might have played no small role in that.

I watched the interview and then phoned Cliff Kincaid to see if he would join me on this week's internet radio program at  Attorney Yore believes that there was "Regime Change" in the Vatican.  She has made Vatican trips as part of her child advocacy, anti-human trafficking career.  She made observations about new Vatican directions that were disturbing to her.

We'll talk to Cliff Kincaid about this in the morning.  I will also consider bringing Attorney Elizabeth Yore on as a guest in the near future.   I've had my own concerns about what appeared to me as something that might have been something of a coup d'etat in the Vatican.  Pope's don't usually quit on 2 weeks notice -- it is normally a job for life.

Please join us in the morning -- it should be an interesting program.  You can call in live by dialing 208-935-0094.  We did a rerun last week of the program as I was a delegate to the Michigan Republican Convention in Lansing, Michigan and unable to do the live broadcast.  My favorite guest hosts were unavailable, but God willing, we are here this week.

Tune in and stay tuned!  I personally would sure like to know what Susanna's take is on this Cliff Kincaid news.


Monday, February 06, 2017


My husband who passionately (so far) professes dislike for Donald J. Trump and Steven Bannon asked me about a movie he said he understood had been made with PAT ROBERTSON and Bannon.  I did an internet search.  The movie instead was made with Christian duckhunter PHIL ROBERTSON.  The movie completely destroys allegations that Bannon is "anti-Semitic," "racist," "Nitzschean".  As I never watched Phil Robertson and his reality show before. I had no idea of the depth of the convictions of both Phil Robertson and Bannon.

The movie is COMPELLING and FACTUAL.  I recommend it to all!

I ordered my copy at a very reasonable price from AMAZON.  The link gives you other options.  Here is an article explaining the movie and the reasons for its making.  Having watched it, I'm sleeping easier at night knowing Mr. Bannon is advising Mr. Trump.

Watch it -- PLEASE!


Friday, February 03, 2017

Courageous former Mayor Janice Daniel of Troy, Michigan is guest host in morning!

 Former Troy Mayor Hon. Janice Daniels, guest host of MY PERSPECTIVE Saturday, February 4, 2017
      My dear friend, Janice Daniels, has graciously agreed to guest host my radio program tomorrow morning.  For those of you who are not familiar with her, she was the victim of a successful, well-organized and well-financed recall effort after she published her Biblical views on the subject of homosexual lifestyles being antithetical both to health and biblical mores.

    Please tune in via your computers, Ipads, and "Smart Phones" (I Phones or Droids) to  She has guest hosted for me twice before and I had enthusiastic listener feedback for her programming.  Janice is a well known radio personality herself here in the metro Detroit, Michigan area, and I am pleased and proud that she will take the time to host my program that I have done for Joe McNeill and his network since early Spring 2007 -- very, very close to the past 10 years.

Tune in and stay tuned!


Saturday, January 21, 2017


Reading about "block chain" technology, I get a type of creepy feeling, similar to one I get when I hear Ray Kurzweil talk about not missing "the Singularity."  For the life of me, I don't see how the block chain system can be implemented without human connection.  Revelation 13 and 14 prophecies come immediately to mind as perhaps being possible real events happening now in real time.

Among the headlines on MicroSoft news this morning was a GUARDIAN one that might have been overlooked by many in the heat of the Trump inauguration hoopla:

"SWIFT adopts Blockchain as global payment initiative"

Succumbing to my worst fears, I googled and the first items I came up with were these:

It appears that things prophetically warned of may well be happening -- now -- in time, in space, in history.  Are we ready?

Stay tuned!


Saturday, January 14, 2017

As we exit Obama Administration, concerns grow

Chris Carr, one our readers and radio listeners called me the other night to say that NATO and USA troops were poised on the border of Russia and she feared that perhaps there was a real possibility of war brewing.  I didn't see anything immediately, but I have kept my eyes open this week.  Next week promises to be an interesting, if not a tumultuous week in American history.

An English paper, The Sun, carried the following headline:

US sends special forces to RUSSIAN BORDER as Nato is poised to strike back against Vladimir Putin’s ‘aggression’
I note here that I'm not familiar enough with The Sun to vouch for either its editorial policy or its news accuracy.  We have English readers.  Maybe some of them can fill in my blanks on that news source.

Then there was a headline from another English source, THE GUARDIAN, of which I am close to equally unfamiliar:  It read "Russia says US troops arriving in Poland Pose threat to its security."
The news is equally nerve racking on both sides.  Hearing about Russia's "nuclear heads" faced on the other side with NATO troops does little to improve my prospects of sound sleep at night.
In the meantime at home, it looks like the pressures against the incoming administration are unrelenting.  Like Cliff Kincaid, I'm not without my concerns on what we can expect from Mr. Trump, tested in business but not in government administration may do.  I did some review this week of British Eugenic Society material that I was directed to by readers some time back.  I did some productive on line searches for some of the leads and was led to extensive materials freely available for download at website.  There were extensive materials available on Oswald Mosley's British Fascist Movement.  One of the activists in it, Arthur Chesterton, was related to G. K. Chesterton.   The word "Fascist" is thrown around a lot.  Some use it as a synonym for Nazism.  Some use it to mischaracterize Christians and others with conservative values as "Fascist."  But what really caught my eye regarding the incoming administration was this summary of the British Fascist collection provided by the website editors.  It reads:

         "The British Union of Fascists (BUF), later renamed the British Union of Fascists and National Socialists in 1936,[1] was a political party of the 1930s in the United Kingdom. The party was formed on October 1, 1932 by ex-Conservative Party MP, and Labour government minister Sir Oswald Mosley after meeting Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini in January 1932. The party was a union, composed of several smaller Fascist parties including the New Party which Mosley founded a year earlier.

"Mosley instituted a black uniform, gaining the party the nickname Blackshirts. The BUF was anti-communist and protectionist. It supported the replacement of parliamentary democracy with a system of elected executives with jurisdiction over their own industries - something similar to the corporatism of the Italian fascists. Although unlike Italy the British Fascist Corporatism would remain a democracy, replacing the House of Lords with elected executives drawn from major industries, clergy and representatives of the colonies. The House of Commons was to be reduced in size to allow for a faster, less 'factionist democracy'. Many of the BUF's members were drawn from aristocratic and military families and included celebrated military scientist J.F.C. Fuller.The BUF had the most developed political programme and ideology of any fascist movement, laid out in such publications as Tomorrow We Live, and The Coming Corporate State.Most of the BUFs policies were based around isolationism, an economic policy whereby Britain would trade only within the British empire as would the nations within the empire in a similar manner to the United States of America, the main attraction to this is that it would separate the British economy from the falls and fluxes of the world market Great Depression and prevent the loss of industrial production within Britain from the influence of "... labour the east, paid a third of our wages and working for ten hours a day.", and "Cheap slave competition from abroad." These were referring to the rise of western backed mass production in Indo-China similar to what is said about Chinese labour today.The position of the BUF on the Jewish Question was initially similar to that of Mussolini, however violent attacks and agitations by numerous Jews (imported in from Eastern Europe), trying to destroy the party and drag Britain into WWII for the interests of their tribe meant increased hostility. They were eventually banned from joining in 1933."
I was struck by the similarities between much of what was advocated by the British Fascists of the late 1930's, early 1940s and what is happening today -- much of what the traumatized workers displaced by globalization are hoping for from the Trump Administration.    It was the worst of times then.  It is looking more and more like the worst of times now.  The various fascist movements that in World War II were aligned with Hitler's Germany was then (both pre and post WWII) used as a rationale for world government/global governance.  The rise of nationalism in Europe and here in the USA is similarly pointed to vigorously by those now urging "global governance," i.e. Javier Solana, Strobe Talbott, 
These arguments are being made now with equal gusto.  The Trump election, Britain's BREXIT, and related developments are being used as calls to quickly salvage globalization and speed up global governance.  Within the last 3 months (October 19, 2016), an article co-written by Javier Solana and Strobe Talbott entitled "The Decline of the West and How to Stop It" was published by the New York Times.

I keep remembering the old New Age maxim that "Crisis = Opportunity."  I cannot help but wonder if the Hegelian dialectics of pitting both sides against the Middle ("radical center" perhaps, to put it in New Age terminology) is at play.

Again, may the Lord give us and our leaders wisdom and May the Lord Help us All!

Stay tuned and tune in with me in the morning to, 7 am Pacific time, 10 am Eastern Standard Time.


Friday, December 30, 2016

Last acts of Obama administration -- throw Israel to wolves and incite war with Russia?

In my life and its memories, I have seen Presidents come and go.  My personal recall goes back to the last days of the first Truman administration.  He had entered office as a Vice President and became President when Franklin Delano Roosevelt died in 1945.  My personal memories of hearing the radio discussions about the upcoming election stem from 1948.  Truman was expected to become a "lame duck" in 1948, but it did not happen.  Truman went to bed with news that Dewey had won.  He awoke to learn that he, instead had prevailed.  Truman was succeeded in 1952 by Republican Dwight David Eisenhower.   My parents paid attention to that election where they had voted for Eisenhower in the first election and the Democratic candidate in the 1956 election.

President Eisenhower was succeed by the candidate of the opposite party by Democrat John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  That was 1960.  I was a Junior in high school.  I do not remember public rancor and anger during that transition, even though Richard Nixon, Eisenhower's Vice President had a surprise loss.  The Kennedy years were brief with his tragic assassination in Dallas on November 22, 1963.  He was succeeded by Lyndon Baines Johnson, his Vice President.  Johnson was re-elected over Barry Goldwater in 1964.  The years to follow were tumultuous and very reminiscent of what is happening now.   Lyndon Johnson was exceedingly unpopular among many Democrats and did not seek re-election for what would have in effect been a third term in 1968.  Richard Nixon instead was elected.  Although the times were turbulent and the Cold War was on, I do not recall an ugly transition period -- at least in my then perception.

President Nixon was re-elected in 1972.  There was turbulence, but that turbulence seemed to stem more from Nixon's insecurities, the ongoing Vietnam War, and what was shaping up that we came to know as "Watergate."  Gerald Ford succeeded fallen and disgraced former Vice President Spiro Agnew in that office and then became President of the United States upon President Nixon's resignation in disgrace.  Although times were turbulent indeed, I do not recall an ugly transition period when Jimmy Carter took office as President of the United States (POTUS).  I do not recall, however, the December 1976 through January 1977 being an ugly or tumultuous period in terms of the Presidential succession.

Carter was a one-termer, having been defeated in 1980 by Ronald Reagan.  Although Democrats were saddened at the loss, I do not recall the transition period being an ugly one.  Ronald Reagan after serving two terms was succeeded by his Vice President George H. W. Bush who served only one term as President after having served two full terms as Vice President.  William Jefferson Clinton was elected President.  Although the Republicans were disappointed, I recall the inauguration and transition period proceeding smoothly and cooperatively.

There was real turbulence in 2000 when Vice Presidential Albert Gore and George W. Bush's races collided.  There were angry and politicized Supreme Court challenges that fell in favor of George W. Bush.  Nevertheless, the transition proceeded smoothly despite the rancor.

Then we came to 2008 when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had a tumultuous primary race where Obama prevailed.  Obama was elected President over John McCain his first term and over Mitt Romney his second term.  The Bush-Obama transition went smoothly.

Now we come to the very last days of the Obama Administration.  Suddenly, globally precipitous moves are made by the outgoing administrtion, obviously designed to make the transition anything but smooth.  President Obama, in his declining days, it appears, has made war on both Israel and Russia.  I don't get classified briefings, nor do I know what the full facts are, but it is a safe bet that both countries have been actively spying on the other -- but the accusation that Hillary's defeat blamed first on FBI director James Comey and now on "the Russians" is unique in our history, at least as my personal recall goes.

It is my impression for better or for worse that what Barack Obama is doing is working actively to prevent a smooth transition of power and to create a far more dangerous world for Israel and for the United States than existed before.  The actions against Russia are provocative to say the least.

My prayer is that Russia does not take the bait!  May the Lord help us all!

Stay tuned!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Holiday dangers for American churches

According to a report from USA TODAY, ISIS/ISIL has issued a list of USA churches to be targeted for holiday attacks.

Quoting from its article, we read:  The Islamic State is urging its followers to attack U.S. churches and has published names and addresses of thousands of prospective targets, according to a report in the news website Vocativ.
Messages posted in Arabic to the group’s “Secrets of Jihadis” social media site called "for bloody celebrations in the Christian New Year." The post, under the name Abu Marya al-Iraqi, said the Islamic State, also known as ISIL, hopes to tap lone wolf attackers to “turn the Christian New Year into a bloody horror movie,” Vocativ reports.
The series of messages appeared on Telegram, a messaging app that allows users to send encrypted messages to one another. The group also uses social media to provide instructions on constructing and igniting explosives.
The information on U.S. churches was based on information already available online and includes a public directory of churches across all 50 states, Vocativ said.
Another post urged followers to attack churches, hotels, crowded coffee shops, streets, markets and public places and provided some examples in the U.S. Canada, France and the Netherlands, Vocativ said.
This is sobering news indeed.  It also reminds me of the ultimate New Age strategy of pitting target groups against each other.  Alice Bailey wrote in THE EXERNALISATION OF THE HIERARCHY (page 545):

"That the Jews should be rid of fear is of major
importance; that they should know and recognise the Christ
as the Messiah, and therefore find for themselves that the
religion they follow is destructive of many of the finer
values, is likewise of major importance; that orthodox
Judaism, along with all the other faiths, should realise
that there is no desire to make them Christian (in the
ordinary sense of the term), but that they should all move
tOWards some loving synthesis and eliminate their mutual
antagonisms and rivalries is equally urgent, and this statement
includes the Christian faiths as well. That the Vatican
cease its political scheming, its exploitation of the masses
and its emphasis upon ignorance is as important; that the
manifold divisions of the Protestant churches be bridged is
imperative. If none of these things happen, humanity is
headed towards a religious war which will make the past
war appear like child's play; antagonisms and hatreds will
embroil entire populations and the politicians of all the
nations will take full advantage of the situation to precipitate
a war which may well prove the end of human history."

It looks like that religious war is here -- or at least credibly threatened.

Stay tuned!


Monday, December 12, 2016

Democratic Party McCarthyism (Joseph -- not Eugene) for the 21st CenturyI

Update:  Today the Electoral College votes were cast.  The news is that Donald Trump did receive the 270 votes plus needed despite the long and loudly orchestrated campaign to threaten electors against casting votes for the winner of the popular votes of THEIR INDIVIDUAL STATES in favor of Hillary Clinton who allegedly won the "popular vote".  Harvard Professor Lessig's campaign was evidently and thankfully unsuccessful.  How will Trump do as President?  Time and events will tell.  This was an election year when we had to make difficult choices.  Supreme Court appointments were paramount in my own decision-making.  

On the European front, there was deadly terrorism both in Germany and in Turkey.  The Russian ambassador to Turkey was publicly assassinated and all could view that event on televised video recordings.  Just as the Democratic Party accusations of Russian connections with the GOP remind me of the McCarthyism of the 1950s, today's events ominously remind me of the start of World War I and the Sarajevo assassination that triggered the lineup of European powers against each other.

Times are turbulent indeed!


I'm old enough to remember the unpleasant days from my childhood when the "Cold War" started, Joseph McCarthy accused practically everyone and their brother of having Moscow "Red" links, and "Russian connections."    Back in those days, it was often the Republicans making the charges against the Democrats that they called "fellow travelers" to alleged Communist influencers.

Well, here we are in the 21st century, nearing the end of the second decade of same, no less.  The current administration of the United States Executive Branch, i.e. President Barack Obama was shown during the latter days of his first term assuring the Russians that he could work much more closely with them once he had been re-elected.

And so there was "peace on earth" or so it illusorily seemed.

All that appeared to change in my eyes once Barack Obama who once espoused marriage as between a man and woman then publicly "evolved" his view to one of "marriage equality", i.e. man marries man, woman marries woman.  The winter Olympics were set to be held in southern Russia.  The conservative Russian Orthodox community promoted laws passed by the Russian government outlawing "homosexual propaganda."   The United States sent openly "gay" members to Russia to represent the United States government in the Olympic doings.  Vladimir Putin said to the USA and to all that "gay" athletes were welcome to come but "please leave our children alone."

Maybe coincidence, maybe not, but suddenly the "Cold War" was back on and heating up at that.  EXCEPT this time the accusers were generally Democrats accusing Republicans and Evangelicals of being "Russian sympathizers."  At an annual Press Association "roast", Barack Obama cynically stated that conservatives liked Vladimir Putin.  Perhaps he was referring to some of Pat Buchanan's public observations -- perhaps something else.  After all, I don't get "classified briefings."

That the intelligence services of the USA appear at least superficially to this observer to have been to at least some extent "politicized",  I am more than skeptical about the late claims reached by "consensus" (mostly Democrats with dissenting Republicans).  That John McCain is angered and perhaps holding a grudge against Donald Trump is understandable.  Senator Lindsay Graham is no great surprise either.

Suddenly, Barack Obama demands an investigation to be completed before his rapidly expiring term of office ends.  And now today, we read from an on-line news source, "The Hill" in major news presentations from MicroSoft, the following:

At least 10 members of the Electoral College are asking U.S. intelligence officials for more information on ongoing investigations surrounding President-elect Donald Trump's relationship with Russia.The electors, including the daughter of Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Christine Pelosi, wrote an open letter to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper asking for the information ahead of their Dec. 19 meeting to vote for the next president."The Electors require to know from the intelligence community whether there are ongoing investigations into ties between Donald Trump, his campaign or associates, and Russian government interference in the election, the scope of those investigations, how far those investigations may have reached, and who was involved in those investigations," the letter read. "We further require a briefing on all investigative findings, as these matters directly impact the core factors in our deliberations of whether Mr. Trump is fit to serve as President of the United States."Nine democrats and one Republican signed the letter."Separate from Mr. Trump's own denials of Russian involvement in the election, the confirmed communication between Trump's aides and those associated with the Russian election interference activity raise serious concerns that must be addressed before we cast our votes," the letter read.

I, for one, smell a big, fat rat?  How about the rest of you?

Stay tuned!


Friday, November 25, 2016

Cliff Kincaid and I will discuss election results/ramifications in the morning

Donald Trump is now our USA President-Elect
Cliff Kincaid
.  There are still forces out there trying to stop it.  Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, is demanding a Wisconsin recount.  Per accounts I have read, others are talking about recounts for Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Personally, I doubt that the recounts will take place and if they do, that they will succeed.

Clifford Kincaid, one of my favorite political analysts will join us on my internet radio program in the morning.  We will be talking about the election and its ramifications.  Neither of us had chosen Trump as our choice for the pre-nomination process.  Neither of us desired to see Hillary Clinton in the Presidential office either.

We will be discussing it live in the morning together with the post-election "demonstrations" cum riots.  What does it all mean?  Where is the USA going?

Tune in to on Saturday morning, 7 am Pacific time, 8 am Mountain time, 9 am Central time and 10 am Eastern Standard Time.  You may call in live with questions to 208-935-0094 and/or join us in the chatroom there, 

Tune in and stay tuned!


Monday, November 07, 2016

Please go vote!


We are at the end of what has been a tumultuous campaign season.  If anybody had told me a year ago that Donald Trump would be the presidential nominee for the Republicans, I would then have proclaimed them "crazy."  He was not my personal choice for nominee.  But, he is the Republican nominee and has proclaimed his own judicial nominations would be for judges who follow law as written -- not as they wish to write it.   Given Hillary Clinton's refusal to denounce partial-birth abortion and her enthusiastic endorsement of the totality and beyond of the LGBT agenda, I see no choice but to vote for Donald Trump and I will be casting my vote for him -- Donald J. Trump.

Sadly, nobody is perfect and sometimes we do need to choose between evils.  Donald Trump has demonstrated his human flaws to be certain, but it is my belief that he does not possess what I perceive as Hillary Clinton's outright hostility to Christians possessing millennia long traditional values on marriage, family, gender, etc., etc.

For sure it is not an easy time to be a Christian in our society.  That was clearly and repeatedly prophesied in Scripture.  But to take an expression from the old civil rights movement -- we have to "keep on keeping on."

Please -- go vote -- you have only yourself to blame if you fail to exercise that precious constitutionally guaranteed right!

Stay tuned!


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Obama, Hillary, Al Gore, et al firmly intend to implement Agenda 21 - What it really was about

I watched the Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump Presidential contender debate last Sunday night.  Many viewers, I'm sure, focused on the more titillating aspects of that debate -- the sexual connotations and alleged indiscretions of one of the candidates and the spouse of the other one.  I was more concerned with the agenda Hillary expressed, the type of Supreme Court candidates she intended to appoint, and the agenda she intended to pursue.

This is the cover of Elaine DeWar's 1995 book CLOAK OF GREEN.  The book is more current and relevant than ever -- it also is relatively expensive now to obtain on Amazon, but it is REQUIRED READING.  She correctly identified that what the Rio de Janeiro 1992 Earth Summit and "Agenda 21" was really all about was surrender of national sovereignties to a "Global Governance Agenda".  Get this book by any means necessary!

This week Al Gore enthusiastically joined as one of the stumpers for Hillary's presidency.  Donald Trump's Vice Presidential candidate, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana has been openly ridiculed by Hillary Clinton, her vice presidential candidate Governor Caine, and California governor Jerry Brown for "he doesn't even believe in evolution."  Hillary said in last week's debate that she would appoint justices who would maintain Roe vs. Wade (abortion) and "Marriage Equality" (same sex marriage).  Her participation in the Capitol bible study group she alleged organized is a sham -- she did this as part of Doug Coe's operation -- the C Street Center. She would work for "clean energy", i.e. put the Pennsylvania and West Virginia coal miners out of business, plus provided a "full employment plan" for New Age entrepreneurs seeking to enrich themselves by forced conversions to their "new products."

The televised reports that Hillary was a misjudged Christian who had organized a Capitol bible story is a sham.  That was done as part of her membership in Doug Coe's "Fellowship".  That was the organization founded by Abraham ("Abram") Vereide that had many in and of itself mystical occult links (Norman Grubb, Rufus Jones, E. Stanley Jones, Roland Gammon, Glenn Clark, and others). I wrote about much of that in past blog and NewswithViews articles, that operation thoroughly compromised itself with Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dalai Lama and other occult interests.  The article series here and there was entitled "The HiJacking of Evangelicalism".  As far as "prayer" is concerned, you spell it your way P-R-A-Y and they'll spell it their way P-R-E-Y -- at least based on my experiences, that is my opinion.  God help those who were/are innocently involved.

Far from "disappearing", the New Age revolution is now in full throttle.  The billionaire funded operations of the Tides Foundation, Threshold Foundation, and cohorts are heating up with their funded projects ranging from "Occupy Oakland" to carbon credit tracking.  Barring divine intervention, the delayed hopes they had for 1982 and beyond are about to happen.  Here's what brilliant Canadian researcher/author Elaine DeWar observed about that process in her 1995 book, CLOAK OF GREEN:

By the summer of 1991, the persons I'd met following the story
of Paiakan had long since turned their attention to this meeting.
Advertised as the World's Greatest Summit, Rio was publicly described
as a global negotiation to reconcile the need for environmental
protection with the need for economic growth. The
cognoscenti understood that there were other, deeper goals. These
involved the shift of national regulatory powers to vast regional
authorities; the opening of all remaining closed national economies
to multinational interests; the strengthening of decision making structures
far above and far below the grasp of newly minted national
democracies; and, above all, the integration of the Soviet and Chinese
empires into the global market system.
There was no name for this
very grand agenda that I had heard anyone use, so later I named it
myself-the Global Governance Agenda.
Page 249, Cloak of Green.

I'm going to be talking about these topics on my later this morning program.  Please join us at  You may also consider entering the chatroom and/or calling in live with questions at 208-935-0094.

Stay tuned!


Tuesday, September 06, 2016

EU Brexit Crisis = EU Army Opportunity? "EU Parks Its Tanks on NATO LAWNS"

Once again, just when we thought it was safe to go into the European Union waters, we now have breaking news that plans for an EU military structure able to act autonomously from NATO is in the immediate works:
Here's betting these plans are not from Federica Mogherini, but from some I have been tracking for many years acting as her military "adviser."  I won't name names, but the initials are, inter alia, "Javier Solana" and "Mary Kaldor"

Definitely stay tuned!


Friday, August 26, 2016

Cliff Kincaid will guest host my program this week -- I'm a delegate to the Republican State Convention

Cliff Kincaid, one of my favorite political analysts and commentators will guest host my internet radio program this Saturday morning at  You can join him in the chat room and/or call in live at 208-935-0094.  

Friday, August 05, 2016

Janice Daniels, former Mayor of Troy, Michigan, USA hosts my radio program tomorrow Aug. 6, 2016

 My friend, Janice Daniels, the former Mayor of Troy, Michigan -- one of Detroit's largest and wealthiest suburbs will be hosting my internet radio program in the morning.   Janice served Troy capably until she made the "mistake" of politically incorrectly addressing her belief in homosexual behaviors as biblically incorrect.  Taking God's plain words at face value cost her political prestige.

I'm honored that this brave lady will be guest hosting my radio program in the morning.  I will be escorting my three handsome grandsons to a parade where they have an opportunity to ride a float in Oxford, Michigan's annual "Lone Ranger Parade."  Oxford, Michigan is the home of Bruce Beemer, the original "Lone Ranger" actor.

You may call in your questions to Janice tomorrow morning between 10 am and noon (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) by calling 208-935-0642 and/or 208-935-0094.  She is a great lady.   We don't always agree on everything, but our love of God and doing His will is shared.

Tune in and stay tuned.  You may tune in tomorrow morning by going to and/or



Monday, July 18, 2016

Very clear New Age influences on Baton Rouge police killer

I'm going to bed very, very late -- but decided to check the news one more time before doing so.  I discovered something very significant about Gavin Long, the decorated former marine who shot six police officers in Baton Rouge yesterday, killing 3 and injuring 3 others, one critically.

This is what I read tonight from the WASHINGTON POST article posted on MicroSoft's news offerings for Windows 10 users:

Long posted a video online that seems to show him distributing his book to people on the street, and his cousin said he believed that is what Long may have been doing in Baton Rouge. The book, “The Cosmo Way: A W(H)olistic Guide for the Total Transformation of Melanated People,” is styled almost as a self-help guide.
Under the pen name Cosmo Setepenra, Long claimed in the book that he had a “spiritual revelation” while in college and soon sold his cars and gave away his “material possessions,” packing just two suitcases for a trip to Africa — his “ancestral homeland.” He wrote that he traveled across the continent learning from its “native spiritual practitioners and elder holistic healers” and was concerned in particular that people with darker skin lead healthy, holistic lifestyles.
“Not only have we not been taught how to treat our bodies and spirits in order to live a healthy and holistic lifestyle, we have also lost touch with the ancient teachings of our spiritual elders that would help us to live a healthy holistic life in harmony with nature,” he wrote.
Those familiar with the New Age Movement, its beliefs and altered state practices should recognize the above as a familiar part of the New Age mindset.  Also, I recently heard there may be connections with the Nation of Islam.  This brings back memories of old battles in Detroit when New Age elements attempted to set black and white neighborhoods off against each other in a battle over the Malcolm X Academy.  I was furnished at that time with evidence that Afrocentric and white supremacy organizations were collaborating in an attempt to repeal the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution and form three new nations:  White Mountain Republic; Republic of New Africa; and ZOG (Northeast United States as "Zionist Occupational Government."

It looks like all of those ugly elements are on the march again, in ugly combining with the OCCUPY MOVEMENT which clearly has played an important role in the Black Lives Matter demonstrations about the country, furnishing organizers for same.

I will have much to say about this in the days to come.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016






By Attorney Constance Cumbey

Newt Gingrich has just announced he plans to run for President in 2012. And a whole bunch of undiscerning “Conservatives” and “Christians” might just well back him. The entire affair will be to the utter delight of New Age strategists and global planners who well consider Newt Gingrich an indispensable part of their apparatus.
Recently resigned State Department official Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter believes that the “New World Order” of which she is an unashamed proponent is already well in place. It is a network of networks, per Slaughter. It is composed of equivalent globalized governmental layers from all levels of government from the executive to the legislative and judiciary and down through various levels of bureaucracies including regulatory commissions sharing information and planning “model legislation” together. All levels also interact with “Non-governmental organizations” (NGO’s). Business is tied together by “The UN Global Compact.” Perhaps nobly, more aptly scarily is this obviously global fascistic goal as stated by former UN General Kofi Annan, of “shared values and principles, which give a human face to the global market.” (emphasis added). All corporate participants are expected to pledge allegiance to the principles of “diversity” and “fighting climate change” (defined at least at present as “global warming.)
Query: What “shared values”? What “shared principles”? Also, the “banking crisis” artificially generated or otherwise, has led to calls for “a new financial architecture for the 21st Century. (Slaughter, A NEW WORLD ORDER, p. 20).
Now, just how does NEWT GINGRICH, fit into the increasing momentum of the global governance agenda? He was, bluntly, an “early adopter.” In 1996 before he left Congress in scandal, he was putting together incredibly linked global governance networks. According to Anne-Marie Slaughter’s 2004 Princeton University Press book, A NEW WORLD ORDER:
“When Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House, he was convinced that parliamentary networks would give domestic legislators a new role in foreign policy. In 1996 he sent a letter to his Russian counterpart, Gennadyy Seleznyov, to create a forum made up of members of U.S. and Russian legislatures to discuss issues of defense, foreign policy, energy, and the environment on a regular basis. The result was the U.S. Congress-Russian Duma Study Group.”
Newt Gingrich did this at the “legislative level.” His very good friend and New Age buddy, Al Gore, did likewise at the executive level. According to Anne-Slaughter, “The [Gore’s]commission created a special channel to advance not only common political objectives but also to enhance each politician’s political position at home.” (emphasis added) (Slaughter, A NEW WORLD ORDER, p. 114)
Wading deeper and deeper into global government (ooops, governance) territories, Newt Gingrich created “the Twenty-First Century International Legislators Network.” This, per Slaughter, he “launched in 1996.” It was “sponsored” by the U.S. Congressional Institute. This was to be “a global web of legislators.”
If Gingrich were talking, which he undoubtedly non-stop is, he would probably say it was “to strengthen democracy around the world.” Knowing the New Age agenda as I do, I would say that was neither probable nor possible. Considering that one of Newt Gingrich’s more recent books is entitled A CONTRACT WITH THE EARTH, Earth Charter ramifications are abundantly clear.
I opened my personal file on Newt Gingrich in 1982 after reading articles about him in Marilyn Ferguson’s LEADING EDGE BULLETIN. She wrote of the brave Georgian Congressman, Newt Gingrich, who was working so hard to advance the New Age agenda. I continued to follow his exploits through his insensitive serving of divorce papers on his first wife Jackie as she was recovering from cancer surgery; his remarriage to his aide Marianne; his affair while married to Marianne to the woman now his wife. In 1989, I was contacted by one of his former aides and campaign managers, a man known as “Chip.” This was the same close observer and former aide quoted in the press as saying that no matter how much good he did for the world, he could never do enough good to offset the evil he had caused by supporting Newt Gingrich’s original election campaign. The “Christian” Gingrich wrote Chip that his daily practice of Taoism helped him make his daily decisions in Congress.
Others have noted what they, undoubtedly not knowing Gingrich’s past history, of Mark Satin’s embrace of him:
"[Newt] Gingrich's influence in the third way movement [has] brought on kudos from the likes of New Age 'philosopher' Mark Satin [who has] identified Gingrich as a top 'decentralist / globally responsible' [thinker]. An interesting paradox, that fits the odd decentralism of the Third Way. . . . Beyond that, Mr. Satin . . . is not the kind of man you expect to be praising [Gingrich]." -- Steve Farrell & Diane Alden, "Third Way Contract," Independent American Party [website], c. January 2005”

Newt Gingrich wrote in many of his official bio’s for conservative causes that he taught history.  In actuality, it was in the New Age full employment program of “Environmental Studies.” In the mid 1980s, Mark Satin, author of NEW AGE POLITICS and NEW OPTIONS newsletter gave “Internationalist” rankings for Congressmen. Heading the list with the best “internationalist” voting records in Congress were Newt Gingrich and Marcy Kaptur, a Congresswoman from Toledo, Ohio.

An interesting analysis of Newt Gingrich appeared in a 1986 edition of the Los Angeles Times. It noted how he was most likely a left leaner, but learned that the right got the votes. Ergo, he suddenly veered course to the right. That analysis troubles me more than the Alvin Toffler, Heidi Toffler, Environmental Studies analyses which are a red flag of New Age danger in and of themselves.. It suggests a man who is more amoral than immoral. Such a person to my way of thinking is most dangerous of all – he does nothing from conviction or reason, but does all from a analysis of personal advantage.
Another astute Gingrich observer was writer Steve Farrell. You can read his 2001 analysis by clicking the link here. Excerpting in part, we read:
On November 11, 1994, still bubbling and cocksure over the Republican takeover of both Houses, his coming coronation as Speaker of the House, and his annointing as King of the Republican Revolution, Gingrich couldn't resist exploiting the moment to put in a free plug for something he so devoutly believed in. . . . "The core of our Contract," and the solution for those "trying to figure out how to put me in a box," he said, could be found in a book by futurist Alvin Toffler called "The Third Way;" to which he added: "I am a conservative futurist ." (1)  . . . 
Futurism, as already alluded to, is one and the same with the Third Way or Third Wave, but for brevity sake, Webster's Dictionary gives us another take on this subject.   . . . 

"Futurism: Study of, and interest in, forecasting or anticipating the future, or theorizing on how to impose controls on events." (2)

Or in other words, a head in the clouds political philosophy, complete with theories and forecasts, which envisions the use of force to insure those theories and forecasts come to past.

It would not be a stretch to call it communism with economic vision, for that is what the futurists of the Third Way call it. But, what then, is a conservative futurist? If we believe Newt Gingrich, it is in person, a post 1994 Republican. And it is in policy, the Contract With America, the go along, get along policies of a party who for the next six year "caved" under Clinton, and the faith-based subsidies, public private partnership, fast track hopes, and bipartisan spirit of today’s Compassionate Conservativism movement - the latter of which had its start in the legislation and underlying principles of that same Gingrich Contract...”

Perhaps Newt Gingrich is not a New Ager, but saw political advantage at the time as portraying himself in certain circles as one. As dangerous as an ideologue of any strip potentially is, I would prefer one to a self-centered narcissist. Perhaps an ideologue could be converted. A narcissist could only be reinforced. While we are all sinners in need of saving by Grace, I fear we have somebody in public life who lacks both conviction and shame.

May the Lord help us all!Germany once put somebody in office that bragged that if one repeated a lie often enough and loud enough, people would believe it. Too many people do. I fear that the USA may well be on the verge of doing the same vis a vis Newt Gingrich. As far as the Christians not seeing through Newt Gingrich, this is what I have to say to them. “If you couldn’t see through Rev. Moon (“Lord of the Second Advent) and you couldn’t see through Paul N. Temple (Institute of Noetic Sciences co-founder active with the Prayer Breakfast Network of Douglas Coe), then I can hardly expect you to see through Newt Gingrich!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Did General Paul E. Vallely assist Military Satanism? Sneak preview of NewswithViews Part 3 of 4

Front Title Page of MINDWAR - the expanded 1980 book by Michael Aquino and General Vallely re-released by Michael Aquino as a full 204 page book in 2013.

The front, side and back cover of MINDWAR.
2013 Copyrighting by Michael A. Aquino.

The dedication page of MindWar I have highlighted General Vallely as well as a couple of other interesting names.  There are several New Agers on this list as well including John C. Lilly and Dennis Kucinich.
I have sat on this Part 3 for some time and have also not submitted other items occupying my research time. Frankly, I was disappointed at the unusual disclaimer on my factually based article that the opinions expressed were solely my own.  I had other health issues and frankly much was delayed although I have been intensely going through my library in cataloging and indexing operations.
Today, I understand that Women Defending America will be having another event in my town and another one of the three Generals mentioned to me as instrumental in the founding of that organization will be speaking.  If my information is correct, it is General Boykin.
In the meantime, General Vallely evidently convinced the locals that

Interestingly enough, per the local communications director of that organization, General Vallely was aware of the 1986 article I wrote in my then NEW AGE MONITOR and had been aware of it since its release then.  That means that Michael Aquino was aware of it as well.  Perhaps that issuance was what inspired the obvious CYA (roughly translated:  “cover your posterior”) 1987 article by Michael Aquino demanding honesty and integrity in all military PsyOps.
If you would like a copy of my June 1986, Vol. I, No. 2 New Age Monitor sent to your email box, simply email me at  Please put “Aquino-Vallely” in your subject line so I can ferret out those requests and promptly respond.  As I received thousands of monthly emails, it is important that you label it such so I can do responsive searches and sends to your email address.
Well, Michael Aquino says he is militarily retired.  I have seen much in print claiming he is a director of NSA and its security operations.  I have not been able to verify that information and am personally leery of some of those sources.  However, Michael Aquino continues in his Satanic proselyting activities.  He also now claims to be the 13th Baron of Rachane.  It appears that this was a purchased, rather than an inherited title.  Per Wikipedia article, “Barons in Scotland”, “Scottish feudal baronies may be passed to any person of either sex, by inheritance OR CONVEYANCE.” 
Michael A. Aquino (or “Barony of Rachane” if he insists) continues his writing and Satanic proselyting on behalf of his Temple of Set.  He uses his “Barony” site to do so

Well, INTERNETARCHIVES.ORG has somewhat of a copy of the “book” that Michael Aquino and General Vallely co-authored in 1980.  General Vallely transmitted that paper to “various governmental offices, agencies, commands, and publications involved or interested in PSYOP.”

Well, internet archives has somewhat of a copy of the “book” that Michael Aquino and General Vallely co-authored in 1980.  General Vallely transmitted that paper to “various governmental offices, agencies, commands, and publications involved or interested in PSYOP.”

Well, from Amazon I learned that the Aquino/Vallely document is today a 204 plus page one.   Only Michael Aquino’s name remains on the “author/author” references.  But, General Vallely does appear in that book.  It appears as one of the prominent names on the dedication (“TO”) page.  Photographic copies of the book cover and relevant pages are attached here for your viewing.

Why the gratitude to Major General Paul E. Vallely?  To me, the answer is obvious.  The information I was given by a reliable informant in 1986 was that Aquino was actively promoting his Satanism in the United States Military and General Paul E. Vallely was his patron/protector.  That obviously appeared to be still true in 2013 when Michael Aquino again released their book. 
Part IV, coming very soon:  The methods to destroy faith (aka “taboos”) specified in MINDWAR.

Stay tuned!


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